Guillaume Maronne - Composer, Sound Designer for Film & Video Games



Guillaume Maronne ‘s compositions are mostly orchestral, influenced by various music styles and composers from the romantics and impressionists, to the more contemporary and experimental ones. His goal is to blend in different techniques and styles, always in the service of telling a story, fueled by imagination and observation.
Because Guillaume seeks to maintain a close relationship with live performers, he is passionate about writing music for small to medium sized ensembles.

He graduated in 2020-2021 with a Master of Music in Scoring for Film, TV and Video Games, at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain.

Artist statement

I compose music as a way to materialize ideas and create stories, where I can think of how different elements need to be crafted and assembled together. This is a deep need that I feel, which allows me to express personal emotions in a more complete manner. This is why I aspire to become a successful orchestrator, as I find this art one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activity as a musician.

The music I compose takes its roots in observation and imagination. I find the contemplation of nature and colossal architecture humbling and inspiring. This gives me a sense of awe and wonder, a timeless experience that can fuel my creativity and form the seeds of a potential musical idea. In addition, I find that interacting with various media is a great way to stimulate my imagination while having fun. When I compose music, I always try to expand ideas and vary them throughout the piece, in order to create a musical journey that the listener can embark on and enjoy.

I want to explore this new life as a composer, working and making great music professionally for a film or game studio. In parallel, I also want to reach a certain musical freedom, where I can liberate myself through music, letting my ideas be expressed without any specific boundaries. That’s why I think finding the right balance between creating music for media with specific requirements in mind, while keeping it personal with a certain musical freedom is a necessary challenge.


Guillaume Maronne